Middle Temple Young Barristers' Association

MTYBA's Manchester Pupillage Day

MTYBA has recently set up a sub-committee with the aim of assisting members of the Inn who are based in the North of the country. Matthew Howarth leads this sub-committee, which is also made up of Lewis Bretts (Treasurer), Douglas Cochran (Pre-pupillage), Eleanor Keehan (Tenancy), Aisling Campbell (Social) and Kenneth Tang (Communications).

In achieving this aim, the Northern MTYBA sub-committee organised a mock-pupillage interview day on 11 March 2017 to assist young members of the Inn in their quest for pupillage. Manchester Metropolitan University kindly provided rooms for the day and those that attended were put through two rounds of pupillage interviews. The event was a success and those that attended found it very useful.

Thank you to those that attended and to those who helped to organise and run the event. Future events are planned so please look out for emails and social media posts for further information. If anybody wishes to obtain further details about MTYBA or the Northern sub-committee, please do not hesitate to get in touch. The Northern sub-committee’s email address is


Kenneth Tang on behalf of MTYBA North 

Background image by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0