Middle Temple Young Barristers' Association

MTYBA is committed to putting in place a comprehensive programme of events and opportunities for its members who are seeking pupillage.

MTYBA's Pupillage Application Programme is a series of events specifically tailored to meet the challenges faced by applicants throughout the application process, particularly during the key months of Gateway applications. Details and registration can be found on our events page.

  • Pupillage Application Evening

An opportunity to receive advice and discuss informally the written application stage with experienced practitioners, including a chance to receive feedback on draft applications.

  • Pupillage Interview Workshop

A chance to undertake a mock pupillage interview in front of interview panellists from chambers and receive detailed feedback on performance. We will run at least one workshop in both London and Manchester.

The Middle Temple Students' Association have put together a  page of some example common pupillage interview questions, which can be read here.

The Inn also runs a mock interview scheme, which you can find out more about here.

  • Interview Advocacy Workshop

A chance to undertake mock advocacy exercises akin to those at pupillage interviews in front of chambers interview panellists and receive detailed feedback on performance.

MTYBA is also committed to providing the following additional opportunities for pre-pupils:

  • International Internship Award

MTYBA offers three £1000 awards each year to fund those commencing international internships. Click here for more information.

  • Advocacy Competition

With varying challenges round to round, first-rate judges and fantastic prizes on offer, MTYBA's annual advocacy competition is not to be missed! Visit our Advocacy page for details.

Please send any queries to .

Policy for reimbursing travel

For MTYBA members who have not yet secured or commenced pupillage or those currently in pupillage:

If you are travelling to a MTYBA event from outside of the M25 (and within the UK), MTYBA may offer on application reimbursement for an amount up to the price of a standard return rail ticket or other standard travel.

In order to apply, please provide: a 100 word personal statement about why MTYBA should grant an award; how much you are asking to be reimbursed; and a separate statement on your income and outgoings.

Please use the contact form on the 'Connect with us' page.

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