MTYBA is committed to supporting its members through the process of pupillage and securing tenancy.

MTYBA is committed to running the following events focusing on the differing parts of pupillage:

  1. Out of the Frying Pan - First Six

  2. Surviving Second Six and "Finding Your Feet"

In addition to those, more professionally focused events, please check the main events page to catch up on the range of social events we will be running throughout the year. Come along and eat, drink, and be merry. As well as free food and wine you can find a confidential and sympathetic ear - all crucial survival tools!

Middle Temple Pupils' Advocacy Course Social

MTYBA endeavours to source a venue and a good supply of complementary drinks for those taking part in the full-time Pupils' Advocacy Course at Middle Temple. The drinks usually take place at the end of the second week of the course.

Pupillage Support Scheme

Middle Temple launched this scheme on 25th February 2016.  For more information see:


If you have any questions or would like any assistance or advice regarding surviving the pupillage process please contact: .


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