Since 2013, MTYBA has been running an International Intern Awards scheme, offering financial awards to members who have secured internships abroad. In order to be eligible for an award, an individual must:

  • Be a member of MTYBA or MTSA;
  • Have received a confirmed offer for an international internship or be in the course of undertaking an international internship; and
  • Have not secured pupillage at the time of applying.

As part of the application process, applicants must submit a brief proposal for a 1500 word paper on a topic related to their internship, which once completed will be published as a part of Middle Temple literature. You can read some of the articles from previous winners here.

2018 Intern Awards

The 2018 Intern Awards will open for applications in the spring. Further details will be sent out by email and will be on the website.

You can contact MTYBA with queries regarding the award at .

Previous Winners


  • Jennifer Grehan - United Nations International Organisation for Migration, Ethiopia
  • Charlotte Goodman - Arizona Capital Representation Project
  • Jaipreet Kaur - Asylum Access Jamaica


  • Julian Ranetunge - University of Basel, Switzerland
  • Natasha Hausdorff - Supreme Court of Israel
  • Ricky Kimachia - CLEAR Kenya


  • James Gould - Blackstone Legal Fellowship, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Grace Forbes - Malawi Centre for Human Rights Education, Advice and Assistance
  • Vanessa On - Legal Department of Shangri-LA Hotel Management, Hong Kong
  • Prabhjot Hunjan - International Criminal Tribunal, The Hague


  • Katy Laverty - Amicus, Texas
  • Catherine Van Zeeland - Staff Union Council, International Criminal Court
  • Kevin Brown - European Social Charter Department, Council of Europe
  • Diksha Beeharry - Women's Legal Centre, Cape Town


  • Harriet Smith - Amicus, Texas
  • Edmond Boulle - European Space Agency, Paris
  • Sarah Mahony - Women's Legal Centre, Cape Town
  • Michael Polak - Office of the Public Defender, Jamaica

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