MTYBA's advocacy program encompasses both advocacy training and an annual advocacy competition, both of which are open to all members of MTYBA.

2017 Advocacy Competition details:


MTYBA Advocacy Competition, sponsored by Hammicks Legal - Application Open


Registration is now open for MTYBA’s annual advocacy competition, sponsored by Hammicks Legal. This will take place between October 18th and November 10th.

Once again, the competition is focused upon advocacy with no skeletons, bundles or excessive time limits.
The competition provides an excellent opportunity to polish the CV for junior practitioners and also for pupillage applicants before the pupillage deadlines roll round again.

Competitors should apply individually. Pairings will only be allocated for those that progress to the final.

There will be three rounds which will involve both civil and criminal law. Rounds will be judged by leading practising barristers and senior members of the judiciary. The competition has been devised in order to display the full range of MTYBA members’ skills in oral advocacy.


Round 1 – 18/10/17 – 18:30–20:30
Round 2 – 25/10/17 – 18:30–20:30

Round 3 – 10/11/17 – 18:30–22:00

Competition Prizes:

The winning pair will take the title and be crowned MTYBA Advocacy Competition Winner. Prizes will be awarded to the four competitors that progress to the final round.


The competition will take place in the Advocacy Suites, located at the top floor of the Middle Temple Library. We will meet in the Sherrard Room at the far end.

Refreshments in the form of sandwiches, wine, soft drinks, tea and coffee will be provided.

Competition Registration:

We invite applications to take part in the competition.

Entry to the competition is by way of email:

Entry is only open to MTYBA members. To enter please state your year of call and Middle Temple membership number.

The deadline for entry is Monday 16th October, 6pm. Registration is essential so that we can allocate times and apportion slots.

James Gould
Advocacy Officer







The autumn series culminated in a mock criminal trial held on Friday 4th November. Four competitors progressed to the final: Julie Ball, Ashley Collins, Helen Marley and Dale Timson. The judges for the evening were: Master Gledhill, Master McCullough and Master Testar.

Helen Marley and Julie Ball were declared winners and received prizes from the competition sponsor, Hammicks Legal.

The evening culminated with a reception held in Taskers.



MTYBA Advocacy Competition 2016 - Final Round

The final round of the 2016 MTYBA Advocacy Competition took place on Wednesday 13th April.

The final took the form of a mock criminal trial. This engaging exercise required the competitors to produce opening and closing speeches. The trial also required examination in chief and cross examination of witnesses, in addition to fielding challenging judicial intervention.

The final was kindly judged by HHJ Edmunds QC and HHJ Gledhill QC. The following two individuals were named MTYBA Advocacy Competition Winners 2016: Andrew Herd and Paul Smylie.

The winners received £100 gift vouchers provided by Hammicks Legal.

We thank all those who took part in the competition.


MTYBA Advocacy Competition 2016 - Second Round

The second round of the 2016 MTYBA Advocacy Competition took place on Monday 4th April.

The round was adjudicated by Karen Reid and Charles Irvine and the advocacy exercise took the form of a civil law application for strike out and summary judgment.

The following individuals will progress to the final round: Andrew Herd, Bethany Wilson, Elena Butterfield and Paul Smylie.

The final, a mock trial, will take place on Wednesday 13th April in the Sherrard Room and all members are welcome to attend. The competition is sponsored by Hammicks Legal.


MTYBA Advocacy Competition 2016 - First Round

The first round of the 2016 MTYBA Advocacy Competition took place on Tuesday 29th March.

There were fine advocacy performances on display as competitors grappled with an unseen bail application.

The round was adjudicated by Master McCullough and Colin Witcher.

The following individuals will progress to the second round: Andrew Herd, Bethany Wilson, Elena Butterfield, Paul Smylie, Shazeeyah Akhtar and Subashini Nathan.

The second round will take place on Monday 4th April. The competition is sponsored by Hammicks Legal.

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