MTYBA's advocacy program encompasses both advocacy training and an annual advocacy competition, both of which are open to all members of MTYBA.

MTYBA ADVOCACY COMPETITION 2017 – Sponsored by Hammicks Legal

MTYBA members have recently been taking part in a series of advocacy exercises. These have not required skeletons, bundles or excessive time limits. Instead, the focus has been purely upon oral advocacy.

The final round of the MTYBA Advocacy Competition took place on Friday 10th November in the Sherrard Room, Middle Temple Library.

Gemma Ralph and Luke Browne were named MTYBA Advocacy Competition Winners 2017 and received prizes from the competition sponsor: Hammicks Legal.

The final took the form of a mock criminal trial. This exercise required the competitors to produce opening and closing speeches. The trial also required examination in chief and cross examination of live witnesses, in addition to fielding challenging judicial intervention.

The competition was judged by the following Master of the Bench: Master Edmunds, Master McCullough, Master McDermott, Master Myerson, Master Reade, Master Sussman and Master Testar.

Background image by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0